Tuesday, March 20, 2007

wishful thinking . . .

this comp book page is one that i did back in early january, 2007. i had heard that meatloaf was going on tour and that his newest album was out. i got his album for my birthday in november, so i was anxious to see when he was going on tour and where he would be.
obviously, you can imagine my disappointment when i found out that he wasn't coming anywhere near us. he only had east coast, canada, and europe set up for concerts. the only one not located near the others was one in california! i figured that he would be coming through the midwest and i would probably have a chance to see him, but i guess not. he must be too big for that now!
the background of the page was painted w/ acrylic paints. the writing was done w/ sharpie markers. the album covers, usa today article, and concert schedule were all printed out on my color printer and glued in place. the finished page was sprayed w/ matte finish sealant to protect any of the printed material from getting smeared.


Blogger aPugsLife-laserone said...

Meatloaf, cool! My fav bands rarely come to this area. I drove to the other coast to see Rush a couple years ago, that was awesome. But since then, nothing too great has come near.

Thu Mar 22, 05:04:00 AM CDT  

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