Monday, February 19, 2007

colored pencils -- "fat" prangs & prismacolors

here is a comparison of the pencils laying on the scanner. the prang "fat" pencils are at the top and the regular prismacolor colored pencils at the bottom. it may not look like much difference in circumference at this angle, but the feel in the hand is very much different.

to show the true difference between the pencils, i took the handful of each kind and put them on the scanner bed where the viewer can see the end of the pencil. the lead is obviously much larger in the prang pencils compared to the prismacolor colored pencils.

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now, there are prang pencils that come in a smaller size (the same size as the prismacolors regular size) and i have a set of those as well, but i don't use them or care for them as much as the "fat" prang pencils. the "fat" prang pencils seem very much more durable than other pencils i've used -- and probably because of their size!


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