Wednesday, October 11, 2006

IF - quiet

the illustration friday word on 9/29 was "quiet". even though i haven't been keeping up w/ the IF drawings, i have been keeping track of the words for a day when i have time and inspiration to catch up. as soon as i read this word, my first thought was a sleeping baby, but they are only quiet and angelic for certain length of time. the next thought i had was of my father's grave.

then i realized that i didn't have a picture of it, so it took me a week to get myself out to the cemetary to take some pictures. i don't go there often (maybe 5 times since his death in 1997) and only when something is dreadfully wrong, so jerry was suspicious of my need to go to the cemetary and take pictures.

after i had the pictures, then it was another few days before i was ready to work on the picture. funny thing was, though, that once i began working on the picture -- it was a picture and didn't bother me to work on it. now that it's done, it bothers me to look at it.

my father was the most awesome man i have ever met, and my respect and love for him is unmeasurable -- so this picture is dedicated to him.

this picture was done in a 9 x 12 sketchbook w/ 70# white paper and a black prang colored pencil, sprayed w/ matte finish sealant to keep it from smearing.


Anonymous stacie shonkwiler said...

beautiful words and picture in memory of your father....thanks for sharing.


Thu Oct 12, 11:55:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Linda said...

This is a great illustration for the the word "quiet". It seems somehow therapeutic, too ... a wonderful idea!

Sun Oct 22, 09:15:00 AM CDT  

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