Friday, March 09, 2007

she sees -- he sees

last year as jerry and i rode to work together, we watched this new warehouse being built. jerry was SO interested in watching the progress that he couldn't hardly keep his eyes on the road as we went by. every day, i would look and look at that jumble of steel, equipment, and supplies and wonder what he found so interesting about it.

i even studied it -- was it the way it looked in the sunrise? the way the building was shaping up so fast? the rumors that it was going to be a totally animated warehouse? the patterns the steel beams made as we drove by? what???

i just couldn't see it! what i could see was that what used to be a beautiful meadow filled w/ grass and wildflowers was now gone and this ugly mess of steel/metal, equipment, smoke, and noise was in its place. i hated to see the building put on a place that was beautiful, but now i felt it was ugly. why couldn't it have been put on a piece of land that was already in use -- like tearing down a useless building and putting it there?
jerry is different, though. he can look at a mechanical project and see what it can be and how beneficial it can be. jerry is the type who can build anything or fix anything that he puts his effort into. plus, they'll probably be added business for him in his line of work. the added business that this facility will bring to the area will probably be helpful, too.

i felt like it was another careless business decision to destroy something fresh rather than clean up something old and decrepit. i despise urban sprawl. i grew up in the country, and i love the wide-open spaces there. to see people building subdivisions out of town and crowding houses in-between other houses just to get out of town just makes me sick.

i wonder how long it will be before i feel like i have to move because town is crowding me too much. i guess it makes it nice in that some really big farmers own the land surrounding mine -- so i don't have to worry about those turning into housing divisions! i wonder if that's enough space?


Blogger Warren Bunch said...

I hate the sprawl here. I love living next to Mandy and Jaycie, but I hate the close proximity to all of the neighbors! I feel like they're all up in my business!!! Can't wait to get back out that way! We'll build us a great big house!

Fri Mar 09, 07:16:00 PM CST  
Blogger phthaloblu said...

Jill, as much as I, too, despise urban sprawl, I love your sketches. Your choice of colors is so appropriate. I agree with so many of the things you said. I think old, decrepit buildings should be torn down and replaced with newer construction, too. It's just the responsible thing to do. I have a hard time balancing the need for untouched and undeveloped places with the need for industry. If only I had money! I'd buy up parcels of land and put them in an agricultural trust and leave them for future generations to enjoy. Who knows what future generations will want, tho. Anyway, wonderful work!

Sat Mar 10, 11:42:00 AM CST  
Blogger aPugsLife said...

I hate urban sprawl too. Where I live in southwest Florida, they just keep building and building. The new stuff is beautiful (malls, McMansions) but the old parts of town get neglected, unlike up north like when I lived in Pittsburgh, Pa. and where hubby is from in Ontario Canada, the older areas are just as nice and just as pricey- they keep up the beautiful old homes. Not here, it goes to ruin and then knocked down. People only want to live in the "newer" parts of town. By the way, is there a larger version of this scan? It's hard to see the smaller parts. :)

Sat Mar 10, 05:06:00 PM CST  

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