Tuesday, March 20, 2007

soul searching -- tape transfer altered book

i've been looking back through picture files and finding samples of altered book pages that i've done and thought i would post the artwork here.

this is a collaged page made from pictures from national geographic and W. the national geographic was doing an article on our troops, the picture of the eagle was from another issue of national geographic, and the words on the left were from ads in W magazine.

this page was done in a round robin "techniques" project. that's where several people sign up for the project, trade their books around for the assigned time, and try out new/different techniques as we worked through the project. this particular assignment was a "transfer" project. i chose the "tape transfer" method, so the eagle is a tape transfer and glued onto this page.

this is probably one of my favorite pages that i did using an unfamiliar technique, but i did learn a lot of things from trying new/different techniques. the most important thing that i learned was that i could probably figure our a quicker/cheaper/easier way to do the technique than the way it was presented. some people just make things WAY too difficult!

another important thing that i learned was to make sure that someone in my group wasn't a "fragrance junkie"! you can see on the edges of the book where someone else had taped/glued bottles of fragrances/oils, which usually stunk, were really strong, leaked out of the bottles, made messes in the mailing containers, and were just generally unpleasant to me! there were times that i had to leave the book out in the garage because the fragrances were SO strong and unpleasant.

i wish this page was still "mine," but i'll always have the picture to show of it. i even have similar pictures that i could try and re-create it, but the recreation never seems to be as good as the original to me.


Blogger aPugsLife-laserone said...

Very cool! I just love this kind of thing. :)

Thu Mar 22, 05:03:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Warren Bunch said...

This is great! It was one of my favorites!

Thu Mar 22, 08:42:00 AM CDT  

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