Wednesday, January 18, 2006

"sea" - illustration friday topic for 01/06/06

"sea" - illustration friday topic for 01/06/06

well, obviously i didn't get this drawing done on time and that's why it wasn't posted officially! in fact, i wasn't even inspired to do this weekly prompt until i saw a picture of a sea turtle and my first reaction was "wow, that turtle back looks like stained glass." then i thought, "oh, i could do a turtle and some water in a border and make it all look like stained glass, so that's what i did. problem is -- i had no idea how tedious it would be to draw and color in all those little shapes!

i wanted so many color variations rather than just lighter and darker shading of the few colors that i had, so each section is colored or shaded in a color that will slightly alter the color used on top. some were more successful than others, but i think the overall effect turned out good.

i used prang colored pencils on white journal paper that feels rather like cardstock. i sprayed the finished product w/ krylon matte finish, but it seemed to really dull the picture. i used my hand to rub most of the finish off so the picture was still somewhat shiny again.


Anonymous danielle said...

He's a beautiful turtle! I love the mosaic look. Want to come do some tile in my house? :-)

Wed Jan 18, 03:31:00 PM CST  
Blogger bee'nme said...

Glad I found your site in the "sea" of all the entries. I really like your patriotic eagle as well as this handsomestained glass turtle - nice work!

Wed Jan 18, 04:05:00 PM CST  

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