Wednesday, December 28, 2005

a work in progress

a work in progress -- i wanted to draw a picture of my son, scott, and my granddaughter, raven (his neice). i'm 1/2 done. i started w/ the hat and was so pleased w/ that i was afraid to go on for fear of goofing it all up. then i did his face (skin) and was so happy w/ that i was afraid to go on for fear of goofing it all up. then i put his hair in and was happy w/ that, but NOW i'm afraid to go on and try to draw raven for fear of messing it up.

i used two photos to come up w/ the picture that i want to draw. in this picture, i liked the pucker and expression on scott's face (but NOT the beer caps on his hat -- so i left those off!), but raven's face didn't have too cute of an expression on it and i couldn't see her eyes. my artistic talents are not good enough that i can draw/color something that i cannot see, so i had to have a picture to look off of. the previous picture taken of scott and raven showed scott lifting raven up into the air before bringing her down to kiss her.

i used raven's face from the picture (or i'm planning to use that face when i get it done!) where she is laughing and scott's face from the picture where he is puckered up to create the picture that i'm attempting to draw right now. i've spent quite a bit of time on this picture so far, but this is a new experience for me to do several thin layers and build up color rather than trying to get color in 1 or 2 layers or 1 "blending" of 2 shades. i just kept reminding myself of felicity's comment on her blog where she was not happy with her picture she had drawn and said that she did what she did best -- she just kept adding a little here and a little there. that's what i've been doing on the shading on scott's face.

this picture is on a 11x14 page of 65# white sketch pad paper and done w/ prang colored pencils. it isn't finished yet, so nothing has been protected w/ spray finish.


Anonymous Sum said...

Wow! This looks great, at least for having such an ogre as the subject!!! The little angel in it should balance out the scary ugliness, though!

I think this really does look fantastic and I don't think you'll mess it up at all! Everything you've drawn has turned out great!

PS - For anyone else reading this, that's my brother and my child in this picture, so I can talk about them like that!

Wed Dec 28, 03:57:00 PM CST  
Blogger Lauralyn said...

Very nice, I think you are off to a great start!! Congrats!

Wed Dec 28, 06:20:00 PM CST  
Blogger Terri said...

Don't be afraid of continuing. You're doing a great job with this. One thing I noticed...if you look carefully at your son's nose and eye, there is a shadow/line going from the corner of the eye down to join with the crease around the nostril. Perhaps you could strengthen this in your drawing. Otherwise, I think it's a terrific start. Looking forward to seeing it completed!

Wed Dec 28, 06:38:00 PM CST  
Blogger Lindsay said...

wow. nice job

Wed Dec 28, 08:49:00 PM CST  
Anonymous Cathleen Perkins said...

This is looking really GOOD! I'd add more darks for contrast. Same thing with the one of Raven & the lipstick!!
Take a look at & go to their colored pencil forum & you can post it & get feedback from other CP artists!

Thu Dec 29, 09:35:00 AM CST  

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