Thursday, December 08, 2005

try it again . . .

i had a picture of raven that i wanted to draw (or try to draw) and i wanted to try using a less "defined" style, more similar to impressionism but not completely. that's so hard for me b/c i'm a perfectionist at heart and have a hard time trying to not recreate something as exact as possible for me. i had been reading up on some colored pencil techniques and watching/reading some tutorials, so i decided to try shading a different way. instead of just using peach and white to create the different skin tones, using the darkness of the colors to show depth, i decided to try using some shading of other colors underneath the peach.

here is my first attempt -- i was happy w/ the under layer of color and how it changed the color of the peach when i put it on . . . BUT i ran into a problem shortly after this point. by putting the peach over the color that i had already put down but had not blended, i couldn't blend the under layer at all now. instead of having a gentle blend of other colors w/ the peach, i had blobs of color w/ the peach. the picture looked ok from 20 feet away or so, b/c the distance softened the blotches of color, but i was so disappointed that i goofed the picture up and would have to start again or just give up.

the next night while seated in a restaurant waiting on my significant other to arrive, i worked on this picture again. this time, i did all the under-layer of shading and blended as i worked. so far i haven't found a "blending tool" that i like or that i think makes a smooth touch, so i was using a puffs plus tissue. that allowed me to get a nice soft blend to it and then i was ready to apply the peach color over the other colors of shading.

i was so surprised to see how the color changed as i colored the peach over the shades areas. it was just beautiful to see and to "discover" that i had all those colors available in my palette now that i began to understand that i could blend and shade in that way. then using my fancy-shmancy puffs tissue, i blended the peach into the underlayer of colors. i was quite happy w/ the finish product, but am not sure what to do w/ it now.

i feel like it needs a background of something, but raven was just standing in the yard feeding apples to the horses at the fence (after a dip in the pool, which explains her bare bottomed condition!). she could spend all afternoon and/or evening running from the horse pen to the apples trees, picking up 2 apples at a time to feed to the 2 horses before making another trip.

project done w/ prang colored pencils in 11x14 sketch book w/ 65# paper. blending done w/ puffs tissue. sprayed w/ matte finish when completed to keep from accidentally smearing.

suggestions on background (what, how much, how little) would be greatly appreciated!


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