Sunday, January 08, 2006

not your average cat

on this page, i wanted to remind jerry that i am not just an average person and i am not looking for just an average man or just any man to fill the position of partner. i would rather be happy and single than miserable in a relationship. i want more -- i want it all. if i can't have that, then i would rather do w/o. so jerry has always known that i wanted the best or nothing. if jerry doesn't work out, then rune is next in line! you can see "his" picture here -- -- as "he" is jerry's only competition now!

the tiger in this picture was on a postcard ad from mizzou and i found the intense blue eye very intriguing and noticeable. this journal page actually took 2 pages in the comp book as i glued the postcard to the page behind this page and then colored some around it just in case i tore the top page too far. then i colored the back of the top page in the area that covered the tiger's face before finally coloring the front of the top page.

i marked where i wanted the "center" of the opening to be and poked a hole in the top page by poking a pencil thru the back of it. i wanted the page tear edges to be easily accessible from the front. then i used mod podge and spread it on the underneath page in all the places that i wanted to stay covered and stuck the pages together.

after the pages dried, i pulled on the torn pieces until they were torn out far enough to reveal the tiger's piercing gaze thru the folage. i rolled the torn edges back and fastened them to the journal page to keep them from getting damaged later and to give this picture/page some depth. unfortunately, that depth doesn't show as much from a photo.

i used prang colored pencils for coloring the leaves in the background and black sharpie marker for the writing/lettering.


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