Saturday, January 07, 2006

love envelope - caution!

message says -- "CAUTION -- this envelope may contain words of love . . . . " -- i had written jerry a love letter that was inspired by the origami that one of my students left lying on my desk. the paper was intricately folded and then tied w/ a piece of string. i decided that it would make the perfect "package" for a love letter, so i wrote on it and folded it back up the way it was and tied it. it was about 1.5" x 1.5" when folded up, so i was afraid that it would be lost if not contained w/i something, so i opted for an envelope. of course i didn't have an envelope w/ me while working on this, so i had to fold up my own to use!

i inserted this envelope on a page that i was unhappy w/ earlier in the book. i just tore that unsatisfactory page out, leaving a 1" tab. then i folded a 4.5 - 5" piece of striped paper in 1/2 (longwise) and glued to each side of the tab but careful not to glue the paper together out past the tab. after the glue dried, i used the letter opener to cut the folded edge of the striped paper so i could glue the envelope securely there between the 2 edges. i used colorful fiber to tie the flap closed and keep the folded paper held tight.


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