Sunday, January 08, 2006

special date memorabilia - blackhawk pocket

shortly after we met for our first date, jerry got a call to purchase some charity concert tickets to help a children's home in springfield. he thought it was the perfect reason for him to go ahead and buy these tickets, hoping that we would still be dating 2 months later and that i would go with him. i love going to concert and musical events -- even if it's not someone i like b/c i can watch the crowd and just enjoy the excitement of the event. don't worry -- i'm the same way at football games as i go to nfl games to watch the crowd and enjoy the excitement more than to see the games!

i had several pieces of "things" from that night that i wanted to save, so i thought that a pocket was the best method. i had the info sheets about the band, the concert announcement poster, menu from olive garden, our hotel keys, and our concert tickets. i used decorative paper to cover the fronts and backs of 2 comp book pages, riveted them together w/ brass-colored eyelets, folded/glued the front corner down to make the contents visible and added some pen details.

i chose that paper specifically b/c it says "a dreamer lives forever" as a personal joke to jerry. he has given me a hard time in the past b/c he feels that his dreams are "more realistic" than my dreams. i just laughed and told him "that's probably because of our age difference, honey. i have a few more years to get some things done than you do!" and then gaven him a big smile!


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