Sunday, January 08, 2006

jerry's journal cover

here is the finished cover of the comp book journal that i made for jerry, a record of the start and progression of our relationship. for those people who haven't looked at the archives of my blog, the first 45 entries on here (all in october) are pages of artwork from this journal. at the time i posted those, i was almost done w/ this project but just couldn't seem to find the right ideas to finish up the last few pages. then i had "tons" of problems getting the cover done to look the way i wanted it!

the cover is actually much darker/deeper color than shown here, but i had to lighten the scan so you could see the patterns in the tissue. it's also more patterned than it appears here, but i assume that comes from saving the file much smaller to post to the web. the silky shine does not show up thru scanning, but "flashed back" so bad that i couldn't get a good digital picture of it. the lines that appear to run across the cover are small ripples in the multiple layers of tissue. there are probably 6 - 8 layers of tissue on the insides and outsides of the front and back covers of this book, so there were considerable layers to deal w/!

in person, the book reminds of of very dark cherry wood that has a nice age to it -- that deep dark color of port wine. it's not until you view it in the light that you notice the pattern in it as the top layer of burgundy tissue really toned down the red/green/gold paisley christmas tissue layer below it.

the final product consists of layers of tissues attached to the comp book cover using mod podge and the final finish was achieved by "painting" the inside and outside covers w/ 2 not-too-heavy coats of future floor wax. i'm extremely happy w/ the finished product and the way that it has handled the wear since october -- it looks just the same as new!


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