Thursday, January 26, 2006

the middle of nowhere

this is a picture of the back of my van. i live on a gravel road and have a 3 mile drive each morning before hitting the highway. needless to say, my car is always covered w/ a fine to heavy coat of dust unless it's raining. my students at school tease me about it b/c they can always spot my car in the parking lot -- it's the one w/ the dusty back window. amazingly, the people who live in the country and on gravel roads seriously consider what color of car to get b/c of how it will "show dust".

a couple years ago when i went to see lee greenwood in concert (proud to be an american), there was a young up-and-coming country star there as the opening act -- brian mccomas. he was so much fun and so talented and so memorable. he sang a song, which has now been released, about the things that happen in "the middle of nowhere". having grown up in the country, i could totally relate to that song the second i heard it. if people only knew what kids/people do "out in the middle of nowhere" and on "those old dirt roads" -- they would be much more careful about where their kids go.

anyway, i've had plenty of messages left on my car for me before, but i have to admit that this one was the funniest. and to think that some people worry and/or get all upset when a cat walks on their car!


Blogger Lin said...

Jill -- I SO RELATE!! I TOO live on a gravel road and every once in a while, whether it needs it or not, we'll wash the car only to have it covered in dust immediately afterwards. I LOVE the sketch of the car and the humor you used to introduce it. Let's hear it for dirt roads! LOL

Thu Jan 26, 06:34:00 PM CST  
Blogger Marilyn said...

Jill, I think I might like to live where you live. Southern California is way to frenetic for me. At least your rear window did not say "wash me".

Fri Jan 27, 03:23:00 PM CST  

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