Thursday, January 26, 2006

the dukes of hazzard

actually, i was dreading this day. i didn't ever want to see the dukes of hazzard movie myself as i had enough of the dukes when i was 10 or so. yeah, it was a fun show then and i liked it, but watching it now was really cheesy! problem was -- i had a teenage boy that really wanted the movie for his own collection. i almost didn't buy it for him b/c i knew i would end up having to watch it, but those are just the types of sacrifices that a mother makes for her children's happiness!

so, here we were, spending an evening at home w/ family, getting ready to eat dinner, when scott said, "so what movie are we watching?" w/o any hesitation for anyone to squeeze an answer in there, he said, "how 'bout dukes of hazzard?" i did a mental eye roll, but i agreed. i brought my journal and colored pencils in there w/ me, though, so at least i could make sure i was entertained. when raven saw that i had the colors out, she insisted on sitting on the arm of the chair and reaching over me to color.

we had a wonderful evening -- coloring and watching tv. raven loves to "write" and to "color", but this night she was practically attacking her page w/ such energy. i would love to know what she thought in her mind that she was writing down on her page. then again -- maybe i'm better off not knowing those things!


Blogger Ro said...

I should have had my sketch book out while watching the movie, it would have been easier to watch that way. You did a nice job on it.

Thu Jan 26, 06:15:00 PM CST  
Blogger Mommy Bee said...

How sweet, How old is your little girl. My little girl's name is Raevan, too. Spelled differently, but thats another story;-) I look forward to seeing more work from you.

Sat Aug 05, 08:38:00 AM CDT  

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