Monday, April 02, 2007

purple ab pages

these pages were done for the "colors round robin" in the purple book. the "flights of fancy" page was started w/ a pretty sheet of scrapbook paper. next, i stamped dragonflies all over the page in a random pattern. the writing was done w/ a silver sharpie marker. a small silver dragonfly charm was glued to the page on the right. the final touch was to glue purple beaded fringe down the outside of each page.

the tag shown was completed w/ all the same materials, but it would be used in the front of the book as my sign-in tag and connected my tag to my work. all of my personal information was included on the back of the tag, too.

we were encouraged to do 2 spreads in each book, so my second spread had to do w/ the poem that says "when i grow old, i shall wear purple." the first layer on the page was a pearlescent tissue paper glued to the open page spread and trimmed to fit.

i printed out a picture of a old women in a purple hat on vellum and attached to the page on the left w/ purple flower rivets. i chose this picture just because she has a look that says she's having fun regardless of how she looks!

the page on the right has the poem "warning" by jenny joseph printed out on vellum and attached to the page w/ a bow and a knot made from many shades of purple embroidery floss.

both of these pages were fairly quick to do, but both ended up looking very nice. i'm glad i took pictures of these pages, too, so i can recreate them some day in a book to keep for myself.


Blogger Warren Bunch said...

I'm surprised you didn't print the poem off! I absolutely hate that poem!!!

Tue Apr 03, 08:20:00 PM CDT  
Anonymous regina said...

I really like the color it painted?

Sun Apr 08, 06:38:00 AM CDT  
Blogger aPugsLife-laserone said...

Really pretty pages!

Tue Apr 10, 04:08:00 PM CDT  

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