Thursday, March 29, 2007

IF - i spy

IF - i spy YOU spy

this is dedicated to those few people who read my blogs to spy on the happenings and events of the family that they are not allowed to be a part of because of their actions. by reading my blog, this is their main supply of information, which they then try to use against us for different purposes -- anger, jealousy, guilt -- whatever fits their needs at the time.

what they don't understand is that they are not allowed to be a part of our lives because they aren't capable of acting respectful or respectable. they have nothing positive to add to a relationship or to a situation; therefore, they are left out.

things will not change until they mature and change themselves and then it will only be a "maybe" and not a promise. do not count on the fatted calf being killed and a banquet prepared in your honor just because you have decided to act in an appropriate manner.

you have mistreated many people, most of whom do not care to see you return. you chose to burn the bridges -- do not count on them rebuilding themselves and do not count on the people you mistreated helping you rebuild them.

you have chosen to give up a lot and have no one to blame but yourselves. be careful that you do not put blame in the wrong place.


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