Saturday, October 27, 2007

who is watching journal

this comp book journal page started out as a page painted in a mixture of blues and greens. i thought it would look good to have a scene from the water's edge drawn there, w/ tall reeds and dragonflies and a dryad watching. the colors were bright, even on the grasses and dragonflies, but faded to almost invisible when sprayed.

the background was done w/ cheap acrylic paints and the drawing was done w/ prang colored pencils. when completed, the whole page was sprayed w/ krylon matte sealant, which dulled the colors of the pencils against the background. even w/ going back over the design in pencil again, i couldn't get the pencil colors to show well.

the idea behind this page is that a person should always be careful in life because many times others are watching and a person may never be sure when this situation could come back up to create a problem.


Blogger Warren Bunch said...

Beautiful! I like the color combos on this one!

Sun Nov 11, 09:06:00 AM CST  
Blogger Lotus_Eskimo said...

That's really buetiful, I used to paint and draw things like this younger, and really think I will get into it again, you portrayed the feeling well.

Fri Nov 16, 01:27:00 PM CST  

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