Saturday, September 22, 2007

imagination tip-in

this tip-in page was done in response to "imagination" and i chose to focus on the works of leonardo di vinci. i found pictures of his drawings from his inventions and sketchbooks and cut/pasted them together on a page. then i printed the page out on paper that looked like aged vellum -- to make it look like paper from his journal.

i used a quote from albert einstien that says "imagination is more important than knowledge." that quote encourages me to believe that a person's knowledge is limited or finite while a person's imagination, if stimulated, is unlimited or infinite. if a person can imagine it, he or she can create it and/or make it happen.

i think that quote fits in perfect w/ di vinci, who had designed and documented things far ahead of his time, such as a helicopter or a robot or airplanes. he was intelligent, creative, and uncensored in his creations. i wonder how different the world would be if di vinci had not created the things that he had done and/or had not kept notes of the things that he imagined?


Blogger Warren Bunch said...

Awesome! I love it that you used a quote on your page... I'm all about quotes!

Sun Nov 11, 09:05:00 AM CST  

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