Saturday, October 27, 2007

raven's wedding dress shopping day

a special page from my comp book journal, as colored and decorated by my granddaughter, raven, and myself on the day we went to have mommy's wedding dress fitted. we needed something to keep "us" busy after we were done checking out the special toy room there for children. the book and colored pencils were just the ticket.

mommy was standing on the podium, looking like a fairytale princess as she was getting her dress all pinned up, while raven and i were frantically working on our journal page. amazingly, we got done at just about the right time, too. obviously i've had this page for a while and just forgot to get it photographed and posted, as the date on this page is nov 2005.

page background was painted w/ cheap acrylic paints and colored w/ prang colored pencils.


Blogger Warren Bunch said...

"Memaw, draw me a frog. But my mommy knows how. Why can't you do it if my mommy can do it? No, you forgot his tongue stickin out. Ok, now draw a monkey. Can you draw a lady bug? That's a daddy lady bug. Let's make a mommy lady bug. Ok, now we need baby lady bugs. No, I want you to color here. Not that color, it doesn't look good. Use this color. Oh, Memaw, that's so pretty. I like to color. You're a good drawer! Are you having fun? I'm having fun. I like to have fun. Mommy, look. I drawed this with Memaw. Are you done? You look pretty. No, Memaw, I'm not done drawing. But I don't want to play with more toys. I want to finish coloring!"

~Sound familiar? It's usually worse when she colors with me! Little Hitler!

Sun Nov 11, 08:59:00 AM CST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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