Saturday, October 27, 2007

plaza lights 2005 journal

recently i noticed that i had several journal pages that were "all done except for _______". a final detail or a few little things, but it has kept the page from being done. so i went through my comp book and marked the pages and made notes about what i needed to finish these up. on this page, i needed to have the picture printed and then write the journaling (which couldn't be done until the picture was placed!).

this is one of my favorite pictures of our trip to kansas city for the 2005 thanksgiving lighting of the country club plaza. it has taken forever to get this journal page done and posted b/c i couldn't seem to get all the things i needed together at the same time! this page is a part of my comp book journal where i just journal/create pages of events/feelings/designs for enjoyment. another journal page entry from this weekend can be seen at give thanks 2005.

the background was first painted w/ acrylic paint. then i drew an outline of the buildings on the plaza and used elmers glitter glue to dot on the outlines of the buildings to represent the christmas lights. it took forever for the glue dots to dry, and then even after drying -- the dots mashed flat in the book after is was closed for a while. black sharpie marker provided the black writing and black windows on the buildings.

the picture was taken by my son (scott) w/ my sony 5.1 megapixel cybershot camera and cropped to the size i needed to fit on the page. there is no protective covering on this page, as nothing requires it to keep from sticking together.


Blogger Warren Bunch said...

Very nice!

Sun Oct 28, 09:00:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Karen Campbell said...

I recognized this sight instantly ... I used to live in the Kansas City area. This is a terrific page!

Mon Oct 29, 08:14:00 AM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a good looking couple.
love u jerry

Mon Oct 29, 09:47:00 AM CDT  
Anonymous martha said...

Oh, I often end up with a bunch of "almost done" pages too. They weigh heavily on my mind until I get to them. I like your idea of marking them - might ease my mind a bit.

Wonderful spread here, too. I like the dots!

Wed Nov 07, 05:44:00 PM CST  
Blogger Reading Mom said...

Hi. I am new in KC and want to take the kids to the Plaza tomorrow night for the lighting ceremony. If you get this message, let me know if you have tips for where to park, where to position ourselves and if the kids might be crushed in the crowd. Thanks.

Wed Nov 21, 04:47:00 PM CST  
Blogger phthaloblu said...

Beautiful, Jill!

Sun Sep 13, 09:32:00 PM CDT  

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