Friday, August 11, 2006

girls can fish, too

father's day might have been quite an event for the fathers in the family, but little raven was along on the fishing trip (w/ her daddy) and had just as much fun as the guys. the biggest differences -- beautiful long curly hair, painted finger nails and matching toe nails, matching earrings and necklace, pink rubber boots from carters, and a disney princess fishing pole. nothing like fishing in style! i’m betting that some day she’ll “catch more fish” than the rest of them put together!

daddy – you better watch out and be prepared!

done w/ prang black colored pencil on white 70# sketch book paper. drawn from a photo taken on the father's day fishing trip, june 18, 2006.


Blogger Warren Bunch said...

i'm pretty positive that i'll handle the guys better than lucas will... after all, i've been on the girl's side before, while lucas knows what all the guys will be thinking/wanting! - Summer

Tue Aug 15, 10:40:00 AM CDT  

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