Sunday, January 30, 2011

to cut? or not to cut?

anyone who is a girl, who has girls, who hangs out w/ girls, or deals w/ girls in any way -- these people realize the importance of these decisions. my hubby, who raised 3 boys, was not aware of how important the issue of "bangs" might be in a girl's life! (not mine -- but other girls close to me!). the questions -- do i cut them? what if i don't like them? what if no one else likes them? what if they make me look ______ ? will they ever grow out to the same length again?

these thoughts recently came to mind to me as my daughter took assessment of who needed hair cuts for school to start. well, oldest one needed some cut. middle child didn't need any cut but she wanted it done. so, when not being closely monitored, she cut her own hair. youngest one didn't seem to care yet (she doesn't feel as much need to do all that the other two do).

mommy freaked about the self-imposed haircut that needed a trip to the salon to fix, but it all worked out! i guess mommy forgot that she cut her own hair when she was 2!

this page is done on a pre-painted composition notebook page. the color matched the idea and color i wanted to work w/. the artwork was done w/ a brown sharpie marker. there has been no protectice covering or spray protective put on this page.


Blogger Alex said...

Nice one! =) Again it has an egyptian touch too, the eye! ^^ I like how the lines flow(the hair) as well as the words

Mon Jan 31, 04:10:00 AM CST  
Blogger Elza said...

Very nice pages. My mother used to cut my bangs and get them crooked, and then snip a little more off, and a little more. Sometimes I would end with extremely short bangs, like a little tuft on the top of my head. Still love her.

Mon Jan 31, 09:44:00 AM CST  

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