Thursday, October 13, 2005

hotel (work) protection

another journal entry/event from working at the hotel. we have our gold award for service, and much of it is based on the personality of the staff. this looks really good on us. anyway, jerry came to see me at work one night b/c we really didn't have time to see each other that weekend if he didn't come over. he came over and we spent about 3 hours together. the most pressing reason that he was there that night was that it was graduation night -- a good night for me to have to deal w/ drunks and problems. he didn't want me there alone where i might possibly be in danger, so he came there and stayed the night -- hanging around the lobby until everyone was down for the night and then went to his car to nap until i got off work.

the writing is gel ink pen and the gold seal is an inkjet transparency transfer sprayed w/ matte finish to seal.


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