Tuesday, April 07, 2009

altered easter egg swap

this project of an altered easter egg swap was done for my myspace group, scrapbook rink in the lowcountry. the swap included the altered egg plus a list of items to include for the other person to use in altered projects or scrapbook projects. as an added bonus, the egg was to contain a creative surprise for the receiver.

the instructions were --
You will need a JUMBO plastic Easter Egg (they’re bigger than the basic plastic egg) and can be found at most dollar stores OR you can use a LEGGS Panty Hose Egg :]

You alter the egg and fill it with the following: (The egg must be decorated)
Theme: Easter/Spring/Pastels
1-Yard Patterned Spring Ribbon
1-Yard Pastel Fiber
1-Surprise (Please be creative with your surprise!)

my egg was a large green plastic easter egg that i used white w/ green polka dots tissue paper to cover. mod podge worked to easily attach the tissue paper to the plastic egg. then another coat of mod podge on top of the tissue paper to protect it. i used clear paint w/ silver glitter sparkles for 2 coats to add some more "finish" to the color. the last outer decoration was to glue some white rick rack w/ pink flower buds and green leaves around the center of the egg to hide the opening seam.

i received my swap egg from my partner, and that was a real treat -- both to see how the decor had been done and to see what all precious treasures were hidden inside! it was a lot of fun to get back to creating something and trading w/ someone else for fun. now i just wish i knew where all of my art supplies were that have been packed for moving to a new spot in the house (and of course, that spot it not yet ready for the supplies to be unpacked!).


Blogger Patty said...

Welll....what was the surprise you put in the green egg? What was the surprise you got in your egg? Man...don't keep us in suspense!!

Fri Apr 17, 08:21:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Kristin said...

That's adorable!!

Sun Apr 19, 01:24:00 AM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These are really cool! ~ Jen Rier

Sun Apr 19, 09:46:00 AM CDT  

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