Wednesday, October 12, 2005

new project for a new relationship

i started a new relationship this year and decided to start a journal to keep up with how it was going. shortly after this decision, i decided to actually make the journal for him as a keepsake. we met online, thru, so chat and email were a very big part of getting to know each other for us. we started chatting in january, but we didn't go out on a date until march 25. the neat thing about meeting this way is that we had plenty of time to talk and ask questions w/o the pressures associated w/ meeting in person. we've had a great time in our relationship, but it is fun to look back at these early pages to see what was on my mind at the time.

page done w/ gel ink pens purchased in a 5 pack at wal-mart. click tops. gel write very dark and flows very freely, but writes oh-so-smooth.


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